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7 Tips to Achieve Your Goals

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Do you have goals you want to accomplish, but don't know how to achieve them? Follow this guide to find out how you can create an effective goal-crushing strategy and make your goals a reality!

We all have things we want to accomplish in life. Whether you know exactly what you want, or if you're still trying to decide, its human nature to want to aim high and crush your goals. There is however, the obvious difference between setting your goals and achieving them. One of the challenges is figuring out just what exactly your goals are, and the biggest challenge being actually following through and taking the necessary steps towards making your dreams come true.

In this post i'm going to share with you some tips on how to set and accomplish your goals, no matter how big or small they might be.




Figure out and pin-point what your goals are.

Okay, this is an obvious one, but you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish in order to start planning for it. Ask yourself things like "what would i like to accomplish?", "what would i like to do and see?", "where do i see myself in x-amount of time?", "who do i want to be?" Ask yourself as many questions as you see fit, let your mind wander with all the possibilities you have the potential of... Dream Big! You'd be surprised at how much you can learn about yourself and what kinds of things you want to accomplish. The potential in you is endless!

Once you have come up with your idea's, narrow it down to your top 3 - 5. Now focus on those. Your top 3 - 5 should make you feel excited and motivated, which is going to lead the drive of accomplishing them.



Write it down

Writing down your goals is essential. You'd be surprised at how simply writing down your goals can make them happen. I speak this from experience!

When your goals are written down somewhere you constantly see them (for example, your day planner, daily journal, office white board, etc.) they are constantly in sight so they are impossible to forget or ignore. When you are reminded of something so often, it is consuming your mind which makes you subconsciously visualize it, you have no choice but to act on it. Personally, in my day planner, each month has a notes section where i write down my goals that i want to accomplish for the month. In the daily sections i create deadlines and dates for specific mini goals, which in the long run, contributes to my main long term goal.



Identify your "why" factor

It's important to know why exactly you want to reach this goal. Without knowing why, you probably won't find it in you to start the climb to reach it.  

  • why are you setting school related goals?

  • Why are you starting a business?

  • Why are you setting new fitness goals?

  • Why are you making a change in your personal life?

With these "why" questions, you're enabling your mind to pin point exactly what it is about your goal that makes you strive for change, which is going to fuel your inner fire and help you keep motivated for your specific goal(s). 



Talk about it with people who support you

The people you surround yourself with are so important when it comes to achieving your goals. Having people who share the same kind of desire as you creates an environment of motivation and encouragement.  When you have a support system that celebrates your victories (both big and small) and  help pick you back up emotionally when you're feeling unmotivated is such a key factor to success. I find that having people in my life to share my goals with helps keep me accountable and always looking for new ways to improve my strategies.



Keep track of your journey

Tracking will keep you celebrating small victories along the way. Each milestone will leave you gleaming and even more motivated to get to the next. Tracking keeps you accountable to yourself. Obviously you want to be proud of yourself, to say "i did that". Tracking your progress will definitely assist you in the direction of achieving that self satisfaction. 



Set rewards for yourself

Rewards give you something to look forward to. This also goes along with tip number 5. If you're tracking you can easily pin-point where you're at in your journey to success.  If your goal is to become successful in a product you're selling, celebrate at your first 10 sales! go out for dinner with your friends or family. YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM! They would probably be more than happy to celebrate this milestone with you. Or maybe you've lost your first 5 pounds, celebrate by buying a cute new top you spotted at the mall, or change up your hair! Setting specific rewards for your small achievements are going to make them that much better when they come aroundLeaving you motivated for the next milestone!



If you are tracking your progress and notice that things aren't exactly going as planned, you probably need to make a few adjustments in your strategy. You may find you're not as motivated towards your goal as you thought you'd be, maybe you didn't allow yourself enough time to get there. Maybe you weren't educated enough on the topic and you're feeling a little overwhelmed. Whatever the case may be, don't lose sight! You want this, you will get there eventually. Split your ultimate into smaller goals that are easier to attain and give yourself more time. Read up and do your research on the topic, and you will find yourself adjusting your ultimate goal into something you can do, it's just taking you a little longer to get there! Just whatever you do, keep going!