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How to Deal With Change

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Why are we so afraid of change? It is such a big word for a lot of people. It means switching up your 'normal' which scares us. When we find ourselves in the midst of change, we tend to stress about it, a lot.

"The key to change... is to let go of fear." - Roseanne Cash

I love this quote, because the initial thought of change, is the fear of the unknown. If you detach yourself from the fear, you're setting yourself up for a positive outlook on the change itself. However, this may be way easier said than done. You consider being comfortable, as a safe place, and changing up your safe place causes a sense of panic. 

Tip Number One


"What if I fail?"

"What if I regret it?"

"What if I get hurt?"

"What if ... What if..." 


These "what if" questions never fail to saturate your mind causing the fear factor to override any excitement of change. Lets use changing jobs as an example. 

Recently I have been offered a new job... It kind of just fell onto my lap, and i would be stupid not to accept it, because it's such an amazing opportunity... I would be making a lot more than where i am right now, and there is so much potential to grow with this company. My only problem is that, i'm scared of change. Just like most people, I have a huge fear of the unknown with this specific situation in my life. I'm stuck with all of the "what if I don't like it?" "what if I regret leaving my current job?" "What if my new co-workers don't like me?" questions bouncing around in my brain. 

But what if we changed those to questions like "what if I love it?" "what if I succeed?" "what if it's the best decision I've ever made?" 

Once I started asking myself these questions, the initial fear of the unknown turned into an excitement of the unknown. What is really the worst that could happen? Although I still worry, by allowing myself to look at it more positively,  I am letting my mind be more accepting of the change rather than freaking myself out so much. 


Tip Number Two



One of the worst things you could do in a situation you're stressing over is to isolate yourself and over think. Talk about it with your support system, and get their input and advice.

Sometimes it may feel like you are the only one who understands what you're going through, and even if you are alone in the situation, your support system will surely be happy to offer you some positive advice. Chances are, that they have been in similar situations and can help guide you in the right direction. 

From personal experience, over thinking and worrying myself sick over situations slowly drives me insane and talking about it definitely helps my decision making run a lot more smoothly. 


Tip Number Three



Did you forget that your situation may not have to be finalized? Say you make a decision, and find out the hard way that it was the wrong one. You have options! I'll use the new job scenario as another example; I Take the job, I end up hating it, I quit, and find another job. Simple as that. I'm a huge believer in the saying "everything happens for a reason." You just never know what door could open when another one closes.

So, with that being said, don't corner yourself into thinking that there is absolutely no other options... It doesn't have to be so final, stop freaking yourself out and take a leap of faith. There is always going to be another option, it may take some time and a little bit of brainstorming, but most of the time you aren't going to be stuck with it forever. 


Tip Number Four



Every situation is going to come with both pros and cons. The positive aspects may not be as clear at first, but they are definitely worth seeking out if you are on the fence, or in a decision making situation.  Understanding the positive outcomes of change will help you realize that with change, comes the potential room to grow and learn. It is important to acknowledge the positive outcome that this change in your life may bring. 


Tip Number Five


If the state of the change in your life is out of your control, the sooner you learn to accept it, the better and easier it is to move forward. Accepting that things may not be in your control at all times, will help bring peace of mind to the situation.


Remember that you control your thoughts and actions and how you deal with this burden in your life is entirely up to your attitude towards it.  Try going at it with a different perspective, rather than fighting a mental battle and self-wallowing. You basically have two options; approach the situation with a negative mindset and be angry over it, or look at it as a positive thing and approach it with an excited attitude and a chance to grow and learn. 

Actively address challenges, develop a plan of action, set goals, and keep track of milestones throughout your journey towards acceptance. This will help aid the process and get you back to normal, easier than going against it. 


Tip Number Six


This tip may seem a little bit cliche, but the truth is that in a time of stress, you need to focus on your health more than usual. Stress takes a negative toll on your body. You will find yourself feeling tired and unmotivated. Make time for self care. Fuel your body with good food, be active and get enough sleep. By doing so, you are actively allowing yourself to cope with the change happening in your life in a healthy way. 


When all is said and done, everyone is going to have different coping mechanisms when it comes to dealing with change in their lives. Remember to look at it with a positive attitude, and use it as an opportunity to grow.