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7 Tips to Stay Motivated

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Do you have what it takes to be successful? Think about what you want most in life right now. What is it going to take to get you there? You've probably heard the saying "Nothing worth while comes easy" so i'm sure you know that it's going to take a lot of dedication!

Whatever you have in mind, the initial idea and excitement of it is always what sparks the motivation. But, what happens when that beginning motivation fades? It's pretty easy to find motivation but the truth is, that it's even easier to lose it.

A lot of people run into "i can't" moments, get sidetracked, or feel overwhelmed, etc. eventually leading them to give up on their dream all together. 

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Think back to your last New Years resolution. How long did that last? Probably not more than a couple months, right? (If i'm wrong then good for you!) The "New year, new me!" mantra that becomes so popular, come January, is a prime example of what it's like to have a specific goal in mind, get fired up about it, just to lose the focus and motivation after a certain amount of time.

In this post, i'm going give you tips on how you can find your motivation, and stick with it once and for all!




You want to lose 15 pounds? Great! There's your clear goal! It's important to know exactly what you want in order to be able to keep the motivation towards it. Be specific! Set your clear short, and long term goals and go from there. 



Even if you eventually find that it's not particularly enough time, having a time limit will give you the mentality that you have to achieve this specific goal within a time frame. If you decide that you need more time, use the time elapsed to track how far you've come, then set a new limit. This will help keep the motivation alive, by always having a certain time to work towards. 




Writing everything down is so important! When you have everything written out, somewhere you see on a daily basis, you are constantly being reminded of what it is you are trying to achieve, and helps keep the fire and motivation in full bloom. My advice to you about writing everything down is to have a day planner, a note book, or even the notes in your phone if you use that on a daily basis.

Learn more about  this in my post about how to achieve your goals





Writing things down will definitely help, but if you are a visual person like me; dream/vision boards are so helpful! I have a dream board in my bedroom, and the thing is, they are SO easy to make! All i do is print out pictures and quotes of things that inspire me, and want to manifest into my life, and pin them onto a bulletin board. This serves as a constant visual reminder of why i am aiming towards my goal and keeps my motivation and drive towards my specific goals prominent each and every day.

I'll tell you a little bit about how my previous dream board worked for me. Last year i realized I really needed a new car... like really bad. So i printed out a bunch pictures of the car i really wanted... the name, model and year of the car, the front, back, side profile, interior etc. and put them on my dream board. This way I was reminded multiple times a day of what i was aiming towards, and what i was working so hard for. That created sort of a manifestation vibe, i told myself "by summer 2018 i will have this car!" (notice the time frame aspect as mentioned in tip number two) Guess what was sitting in my driveway by summer 2018? Yup, you guessed it!

I came across this lovely ladies video on youtube of how to create a dream/vision board and i think she can help you too! Check it out for help on how to create your next dream/vision board.

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You will most definitely have days where you are feeling unmotivated. Procrastination is something that is so hard to kick, but it is so important that you don't let it get the best of you. This is something that will hault your progress and eat away at your motivation. 

Let's say you're on a weight-loss journey. One particular day you're feeling tired and the thought of going to the gym is dreadful. This is when you have to be very strict with yourself and force yourself to go anyway! Pushing yourself on days where you really don't feel up to it, is going to keep the motivation alive. Then when you finish at the gym, you're going to feel so much more accomplished and motivated because, you did it on a day where you really didn't want to! With that being said, no matter what you're trying to aim towards, you are going to have days where the mental drive isn't there, so by giving yourself that mental push, you're telling yourself "NO! This is what I have to do in order to keep the motivation alive."  Be strict with yourself!




This is a huge thing when it comes to your own personal growth and motivation. I'm going to rant a little bit about social media here. 


Most of the time, people on social media are portraying an image of what they want people to see. Not what actually is going on in their every day life. I watched a video on youtube of a girl ranting about some drama going on in her life. People were chiming in their opinions, as always, and she was very frustrated about it. She said something along the lines of "People are so quick to judge and take sides, when really, all they see is 10 minutes of my life out of an entire week!" This really made me realize that nothing we see on social media is really, real life, i mean... it is but you get what i'm saying. It's not what they live 24/7.


I'll admit that i'm so guilty of scrolling through Instagram, past a girl living what seems to be a lavish life and think "I'll never be as good as her!" or "She has everything together, i'll never be able to get there!" that right there, is putting myself down without even realizing it! See how toxic social media can be with just one little thought on a photo? So with this all being said, instead of comparing your life, and where you are right now to people on social media, realize that you are working at your own pace, and working hard to get to where you want to be. Don't let glamorous pictures on the internet slow down your motivation and enthusiasm. Once you learn how to master this, you will probably find yourself spending less time feeling sorry for yourself, and actually learn to appreciate the journey and where your life is right now. Work hard and you will get to where you want to be!




Always think back to your "Why" factor. I mentioned this in my How to achieve your goals blog post. Reminding yourself of why you want to achieve something is going to bring you right back to that initial motivational drive. When you think of your "why", what comes to mind? What is it that you are striving to accomplish? If your why factor is strong enough to inspire your inner fire, then you are on the right track. If you find you need to re adjust your why factor along the way, thats okay too! Just make sure you always have a clear vision of exactly what it is that you want to see in the end result, and go from there! 


Always remember, that lasting motivation comes from within.  True motivation that you are constantly working on comes from your own inner empowerment, and that is what is going to keep it around. You're not going to find lasting motivation from a Pinterest post, or a youtube video, they will spark a motivation, but if you don't work on it and continue to harvest the growth within you, it will dwindle over time. But don't worry! I myself love to find inspiring images and quotes on social media! Things like Pinterest, Instagram and youtube videos etc. are great ways to contribute to your inspiration!  You need to fuel your own inner fire and find motivation through what works for you. Push through procrastination and the tough days and you will get to where you need to be. It may not come easy, but it will be worth it. Keep going! 

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