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Eight Sunday Habits for a Successful Week

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Sunday's are so bittersweet, right? The Sunday morning bliss is quickly turning into the Monday blues. We've all been there, the evening sets in and we realize how were so not ready for the upcoming week.

But, what if instead, you used your time on Sundays to set yourself up for a week of success? After all, a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content!

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Don't sleep the day away

It's ok to sleep in, it's Sunday, after all! But try not to spend the day in bed. Leaving everything to the last minute will result in an unproductive day. Get up and do what needs to be done while the sun is still high!


Get your errands out of the way early


I like to use my Sundays to get errands out of the way, so i'm feeling ready to go once Monday morning rolls around. Establish a Sunday routine to get your errands out of the way.  Wash your car, inside and out, and buy a new car freshener.  Do the same with your space at home. Do your laundry, vacuum, tidy up etc.!

Go out and get your grocery shopping done. Fill up your cupboards, remove any old food from your fridge. While i'm doing any of these things, I love to listen to my favourite playlist, or podcast. It really gets you into a positive mindset while you clean. (anyone else feel like they have their life figured out when their space is clean and organized?) If you start using your Sunday's to freshen up your space, you will find your week to be much less stressful.



Find time your YOU

Personally, I love to have me time on Sunday's. Me time is great any day of the week, but on Sunday's it really gives you that wind-down, relaxing time to prepare you for the week ahead. Taking time to indulge in some good old self-care, can truly make all the difference in your approach to the new week. Have a bubble bath, take a hot shower, throw on a face/hair mask, paint your nails, read your favourite book, watch an uplifting show or move, or listen to your favourite podcast! Whatever it is that helps you wind down, make sure you do it, even if its just an hour! This is such a crucial thing for me, to wind down before my week begins. 


Reflect on the past week

Reflecting on the week prior will help you gain a perspective on how your goal reaching strategies are working for you. Ask yourself how your week went, and how your techniques are working for you. Pin-point what and what hasn't been working for you, and what you can improve on. This will help you to stay on track with reaching whatever it is that you want to accomplish. See more about how to achieve your goals


Plan out your to-do's

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Personally i like to plan out exactly what i need to accomplish in the next week, to help me get closer to my goals. While this is something i critique all the time during the week, it's great to get your head into a space where you are focusing on everything you want to accomplish. I'm a huge planner/list kind of person, so planning my week ahead is also a great way for me to relax. 


Once you have your to-do's written out, pull out your planner. Write down your schedule, appointments etc. and prioritize your to-do list. This will help you be more prepared and organized for the week ahead! Don't forget to make room for your favourite shows and schedule in "Me time" as well! (i always make sure to schedule in my favourite reality TV show times.. very important....)


Plan X2 

Planning doesn't just involve creating your schedule, to-do's and meetings. It's important to plan out other day-to-day things too! Plan out your meals, meal prep, plan out your outfits, plan your work-outs etc.! Planning out these things ahead of time will save you a lot of time and stress throughout the week. 




Get moving


Moving your body is a great way to clear your head space and de-stress before the week ahead. Even if it's just getting out and walking your dog around the block! Exercise improves your mood and helps you sleep better. Win-Win!



Get a good night of rest

I always try to get to bed an hour earlier on Sunday nights. This helps my Monday mornings run a lot smoother. Try to put away your electronics at least 30 minutes before bed and get into the habit of reading before bed. Reading is a great way to relax your mind and helps you fall asleep, quicker! I also love to run my diffuser with lavender. This improves my sleep quality by a long shot!



I hope you can incorporate some, if not all of these habits into your Sunday routines, in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming week. Doing these things will help you so much, as they have for me!

Thanks for reading!