Why You Need a Social Media Manager (+ a free insta gram checklist!)

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Starting a business takes a lot of dedication, consistency and time. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with a lot of the day to day tasks that are required. A lot of the time, people who start businesses are “winging it” or, “going with the flow” and learning themselves, which is great, but it can also mean you’re spending a lot of time trying to figure everything out, when your biz could be growing much, much faster! Among everything else going on while starting your business, one of the MAIN factors to growing your target audience is— yup you guessed it, Social Media.

You probably try to avoid social media all together with everything going on in your daily schedule, your time will get eaten up and you’ll get sucked into the virtual world of the latest Kardashian-Jenner Gossip, an anti-vaxer argument going down in someones Facebook comments and before you know it it’s 4:00 and you haven’t gotten to promote your biz accordingly. Prime view-time wasted! So you hopped onto the internet and typed in something to help you out of this mess, and now here you are! Hi, nice to virtually meet you! I’m Taylor, and i’m here to help.


So, first of all, what the heck is a Social Media Manager?

To prevent the above mentioned ‘wasted time’ on social media every day, a lot of successful businesses outsource their daily social media tasks to a Social Media Manager. Basically what the Social Media Manager does is direct the day to day duties of your accounts. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.) They are (depending on services offered) are in charge of helping your account grow, research your niche, target your audience, interact & engage on the timeline, plan content, create post-able, content, monitor analytics, etc. To put it simply — they pretty much do everything and anything to make you look like a well put together, shiny business on social media, and potential customers like shiny things. In turn, helping your following and attract customers!


Does my business even need to be on Social Media?

YES x 10000. Social Media is huge in this day in age. I can’t tell you how often i’ve been referred a business of some sort by someone, and hopped on Instagram to find out what they’re all about. Social Media is probably one of the most important components to your business’s success. Maybe the Mom & Pop shop on Main Street isn’t on social media, and they’re doing just great! This is probably because they have probably been established long before Social Media was as big as it is now.

In a sense, you could open a business somewhere with high traffic, not have an Instagram account and still have people stop in because its on their commute home from work, but a good Social Media presence will create a buzz around your business and have people from all over the city—or if you’re an online company all over the world ‘stopping by’!


Okay I get it, SMM’s are a blessing and a half, but how much will this cost me?

Social Media Manager’s have all sorts of different rates & packages. You might have questions about how much outsourcing your Social Media will set you back, and as a business new or established, you may be tight on funds— we’ve all been there! Or you may be wondering “why should I trust someone I don’t even know to run my accounts?”

While you may already be on Social Media and figuring it out yourself, Social Media takes a lot of time, consistency and dedication. While i’m not saying you can’t learn it all yourself, think long-term and how outsourcing the task may be beneficial by having someone who’s MAIN FOCUS is growing your Social Media. Sometimes spending money will make you money!

While every SMM has different rates & packages. Some charge by the hour, some charge with monthly packages etc. I myself, have 3 different packages to offer. You can view them here.

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Where can I find a SMM?

Like most businesses, social media managers are either working freelance, or under an established SMM company. You can find lots with a quick google search! Looking up hashtags on Instagram or Facebook like #socialmediamanager will most of the time put you in a sea of amazing SMM’s!

Do your research and find out what kind of plan works best for your business & budget. Or to start, if you’re still unsure of whether you need to be hiring one just yet, download my free Instagram checklist to help you get started!